From 2015-2019 I pursued Physics graduate program at University of Texas at Austin. The relevant coursework I chose there were

  1. String Theory
  2. Qunatum Field Theory
  3. Riemannian Geometry
  4. Index Theory
  5. Topology
  6. Morse Theory

I pursued Integrated Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and graduated in May 2014. I have taken following courses (relevant to Physics) in this programme.

  1. Electricity and Magnetism  from David Griffiths
  2. Thermodynamics from Zeemansky
  3. Special theory of Relativity from Resnik
  4. Optics from A. Ghatak
  5. Quantum Mechanics form Feynman Lectures Vol III, J.J Sakurai and P.A.M Dirac
  6. Plasma Physics from F.F Chen
  7. Atomic Physics from Resnik
  8. Nuclear Physics from Prof. A.K. Jain notes
  9. Classical Mechanics from Goldstein
  10. Statistical Mechanics from R.K Pathria
  11. Classical Electrodynamics from J.D. Jackson
  12. Mathematical Physics from class notes

Self-taught subjects

  1. General Relativity from Carroll (and problems from here)
  2. Group Theory from Artin

I am also interested in studying topics related to Computer Science like Algorithms and Data Structures. I have taken an audit course on Data Structures.