About Me

Since my childhood, I have been very eager to know how things work. The very thought of how the toy car moves with just a couple of pencil cells (and not with a mechanical push) used to make me restless and compelled me to rip it apart (though putting it back turned out to be a herculean task that I couldn’t complete). The observation that the wheels are connected with gears which are further connected to a small metallic “box” with a shaft and the wires from battery compartment are connected to the very same metallic box led me to conclude that the metallic box is the main cause of the locomotion. So I ripped off the metallic box (with wires connected) and connected it to a pencil cell. Eureka, I had a drilling machine (I observed carpenter using it) toy which I could use to drill into clay (instead of wood).

With physics, it is same. We first wonder how the things in nature work (why Earth moves around the Sun), then understand the phenomenon and formulate a theory (Newton’s laws of motion and gravitation) and then use that knowledge for the benefit of mankind (launching a satellite and placing it into an orbit).

It is the former part that I am fascinated to. I like to wonder how various phenomena in nature occur and want to write down equations which can describe them. The journey seems long and never-ending (as considered by many), but I sure want to pursue this path because this is what gives me pleasure “to know how things work”.

To get an idea of my professional work please see

  1. ArXiv
  2. Google Scholar
  3. Researchgate.

I have now directed my attention and energy towards artificial intelligence and I aim to explore and contribute in the field. My GitHub repositories  consists of my open-source projects I am working on at the moment.